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Tổng hợp giới từ Tiếng Anh


Prepositions pose more problems for the non-native speaker or learner of English than any other part of speech. Why? Prepositions are just little words that never change in form; they are pronounced softly, in unstressed syllables; they aren't even given capital letters in book titles; native speakers choose the correct ones without thinking. How can they be confusing?

The word "preposition" has a straightforward definition: a word placed before a noun or pronoun to define its relationship with another word in the sentence. For the learner of English, however, prepositions are anything but straightforward.

  • Prepositions are difficult, if not impossible, to define without using other prepositions.


In the sentence, "The book is on the table," what does on mean?
On means "above and supported by."

  • In no other language are the prepositions (if they exist at all) the exact equivalents of English prepositions.


        Spanish                                                   English

Vive en Washington.                                He lives in Washington.
Vive en la Avenida New Jersey.                 He lives on New Jersey Avenue.
El está en el aeropuerto.                          He is at the airport.
Estoy pensando en ti.                              I am thinking about you, or I am thinking of you.

  • Many preposition words can also be adverbs or conjunctions.


the preposition down                               She walked down the hill.
the adverb down                                      He put the book down.
the preposition after                                She took a nap after lunch.
the conjunction after                               She went outside after she put the book down.

  • Many prepositions can indicate more than one meaning or relationship.

Examples with after:

later than                                              We rested after lunch.
in pursuit of                                          The cat is after the mouse.
because of                                           He was angry after the way she acted.
in the style of                                       This is a painting after Picasso.
continuously                                        She worked night after night.

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