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Bạn đang cần lấy chứng chỉ C Tiếng Anh để kiểm tra trình độ tiếng Anh hiện nay của mình, để có thể hoàn thành yêu cầu tại trường đại học hay để bổ sung vào hồ sơ xin việc? Bộ đề thi chứng chỉ C dưới đây sẽ rất hữu ích đối với bạn.

Luyện thi chứng chỉ C Tiếng Anh


1. Martha Graham, ________ of the pioneers of modern dance, didn’t begin khiêu vũ until she was 21.

A. who, as one        B. she was
C. one                    D. was one

2. Tiger moths __________ wings marked with stripes or sports.

A. have                   B. with
C. their                   D. whose

3. Platinum is harder than copper and is almost as pliable ___________.

A. gold                   B. than gold
C. as gold              D. gold is

4. Most of Annie Jump Cannon’s career as an astronomer involved the observation, classification, and __________.

A. she analyzed stars                   B. the stars’ analysis
C. stars were analyzed                 D. analysis of stars

5. Many communities are dependent on groundwater _________ from wells for their water supply.

A. that obtained    B. obtained
C. is obtained       D. obtain it

6. _________ experimental studies of the aging process, psychologist Ross McFarland determined that people could work productively much longer than had previously been thought.

A. In that            B. Through
C. Since             D. Into

7. _________ often raise funds from the sale of stock.

A. For corporations to operate         B. The operations of corporations
C. Corporations operate by              D. To operate, corporations

8. While all birds are alike in that they have feathers and lay eggs, ________ great differences among them in terms of size, structure, and color.
A. there are             B. but are
C. if there are          D. to be

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