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Đề thi tuyển sinh lớp 10 môn Tiếng Anh:

(Đề thi chính thức)

Khóa ngày 21 tháng sáu 5 2010

MÔN THI: TIẾNG ANH - Mã đề: 139
Thời gian làm bài: 60 phút (không kể thời gian giao đề)

Choose A,B,C,or D that best completes each unfinished sentence; substitutes the underlined part; or has a close meaning to the original one. (from một to 25)

Câu 1: We go to school ________ bus.
A. by            B. in           C. on           D. with

Câu 2: She was born in Dak Nong _____ 1995.
A. at          B. in         C. on         D. since

Câu 3: My father _______ me to the zoo last month.
A. was taking           B. takes         C. take         D. took

Câu 4: My school _______ in 1992.
A. was built          B. has been built       C. is built           D. was building

Câu 5: Mr. John________20 cigarettes a day.
A. don’t smoke          B. do smoke          C. smoked           D. smokes

Câu 6: How long _________ there? For five years.
A. are you living             B. did you live           C. have you lived          D. lived

Câu 7: ___________ here tomorrow?.
A. Will they be            B. Are they been          C. Have you been         D. Do they come

Câu 8: She wishes she________________.
A. can’t swim           B. could swim         C. can swim           D. is swimming

Câu 9: Ba received three letters _______ you sent this morning.
A. who           B. whom         C. whose           D. that

Câu 10: Have you ever seen Mr. Philip, ________is from America?.
A. who           B. that          C. whom           D. which

Câu 11: We will have no fresh water to use if we _____ the water.
A. will pollute           B. pollute          C. polluted           D. had polluted

Câu 12: If it rains this evening, I ________out.
A. don’t go           B. couldn’t go           C. wouldn’t go         D. won’t go

Câu 13: It’s very hot, _____I go swimming.
A. and           B. so that          C. such that          D. so

Câu 14: He doesn’t write to his parents as often as he ____________.
A. used to            B. use to          C. got used to           D. get used to

Câu 15: The doctor_________me not to stay up too late at night.
A. suggested            B. insisted           C. advised           D. forced

Câu 16: Millions of ___________are interested in that program on TV.
A. spectator          B. audience          C. watchers          D. viewers

Câu 17: You must leave now ______ you will be late.
A. because            B. otherwise          C. or           D. and

Câu 18: These exercises are _________. We cannot do them.
A. easy          B. easily        C. difficulty            D. difficult

Câu 19: Would you like to ________ the games?
A. take part in          B. take off         C. take down          D. take in

Câu 20: Although there are many celebrations throughout the year, Tet is the most important ______ for Vietnamese people.
A. celebrate           B. celebration           C. to celebrate          D. celebrations

Câu 21: The baby laughed _________ as she played with her toys.
A. happier          B. happily          C. happyly         D. happy

Câu 22: If we keep our ________ clean, we will live a happier and healthier life.
A. Environments            B. environment          C. an environment            D. the environment

Câu 23: Don't let children ______ in the kitchen.
A. to play             B. played           C. playing          D. play

Câu 24: The national dress of Japanese women is_______.
A. Jeans           B. Ao dai          C. Kimono         D. Sari

Câu 25: Lan / be /taller / work / fashion model.
A. If Lan were taller, she would work as a fashion model.
B. If Lan were taller, she will work as a fashion model.
C. If Lan were taller, she would work like a fashion model.
D. If Lan is taller, she will work as a fashion model.

Choose the sentence which has the closest meaning to the original one. (from 26 to 27)

Câu 26: She is the woman. I met her last week.
A. She is the woman which I met last week.
B. She is the woman whose I met last week.
C. She is the woman whom I met last week.
D. She is the woman who I met her last week.

Câu 27: The teacher said to them, “Don’t make noise in class!”
A. The teacher told them not making noise in class.
B. The teacher told them to not make noise in class.
C. The teacher told them not to make noise in class.
D. The teacher told them don’t make noise in class.

Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others. (from 28 to 30)

Câu 28: A. where            B. which           C. when           D. who

Câu 29: A. high              B. fine              C. lit                 D. light

Câu 30: A. bowl              B. now             C. cow              D. down

Read the passage carefully and choose the best answer. (from 31 to 35)

At sáu.30 in the morning, the bus collected Ba and his family from their home. After picking everyone up, the bus continued to the North on the Highway Number một. It crossed the Dragon Bridge and stopped at the gas station to get some more fuel. Then, it left the highway and turned left onto a smaller road westward. This road ran between paddy fields, so the people on the bus can see a lot of cows and buffaloes. The road ended before a big store beside a pond. Instead of turning left towards a small airport, the bus went in the opposite direction. It didn’t stay on that road for very long, but turned left onto a road which went through a small bamboo forest. Finally, the bus dropped everyone off at the parking lot ten meters from a big old banyan tree. It parked there and waited for people to come back in the evening

Câu 31: Where did they catch a bus?
A. At a big store           B. At their house
C. At gas station           D. At Dragon Bridge

Câu 32: What did they do after crossing the bridge?
A. To relax                           B. To have breakfast
C. To buy some snacks         D. To get more fuel

Câu 33: What could they see when they traveled along the fields?
A. beautiful sights           B. cattle          C. farmers           D. historical sites

Câu 34: There is a_________next to a big store.
A. pond             B. Old banyan tree            C. river           D. lake

Câu 35: Where did the bus drop them off?
A. At the gas station          B. At the big store
C. At the big old tree          D. At the parking lot

Choose the word whose stress partern is different from the others. (from 36 to 37)

Câu 36: A. receive           B. nation          C. happy           D. active

Câu 37: A. reduce           B. enjoy            C. lunar            D. arrive

Error Identification. (from 38 to 40)

Câu 38: I think (A) I prefer country life (B) more than (C) city life (D).

Câu 39: The (A) picture was painting (B) by (C) Jane last year (D).

Câu 40: At the moment (A), I am spending (B) my weekend go to (C) camping (D) with my friends.

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