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I Choose the best answer by circling A, B, C or D. (3pts)

1. Phong Nha Cave is in the _________ of Viet Nam.
A. southern          B. northern            C. south           D. north

2. She asked me __________ I liked coffee.
A. as           B. if            C. or             D. and

3. Millions of Christmas cards ______every year.
A. were sent            B. are sent             C. send            D. will send

4. Taj Mahal is _______ famous of all India’s ancient buildings.
A. more           B. most           C. the most             D. best

5. My mother is very keen ________ growing roses.
A. on             B. in             C. of            D. about

6. A test in which participants have to fetch water is called _______.
A. water-fetch contest                       B. fetching-water contest
C. water-fetching contest.                D. fetch-watering contest

7. He said that he would come there _______.
A. tomorrow              B. the following              C. the following day            D. next day

8. Do you mind ________out your cigarette ? - No, of course not.
A. put           B. putting               C. to put              D. is putting

9. A workman who repairs water-pipes is called ______.
A. plumber             B. worker             C. farmer             D. repairer

10. Finally, we decided __________to the cinema.
A. going          B. go             C. to go            D. gone

11. The girl __________next to Lan is a new student.
A. standing             B. stand            C. to stand             D. stood

12. I promise I ______on time. – I hope so.
A. come              B. will come            C. came           D. has come

II. Supply the correct forms or tenses of the words in brackets. (2pts)

1. Lan arranged flowers the most (attract)_________ in the contest.

2. What______ Nam (do) _________this time yesterday ?

3. Ha Long Bay is one of the (culture)__________Heritage Sites.

4. We (go)________to school when it rained.

III. Do as directed. (2pts)

1. They asked us “Must you go now ? ” (using reported speech)

2. The light went out while _______________________ (complete the sentence)

3. Does your country export rice to Britain ? (change into passive form)

4. The United States has a big industry that makes cars. (using compound words)

IV. Complete the passage with the suitable words in the box. (1.5pts)

bought         up           tree            several            holiday                relatives

Christmas is the biggest (1)________ of the year in Britain. Christmas Eve starts on 24 December, although there have been (2)________ weeks of preparation beforehand. The Christmas trees have been(3)________. Christmas cards have already been sent to
friends and (4)________. About a week before Christmas, people usually put (5)______ their decorations and an angel on the top of the Christmas tree. Finally, presents are usually put under the (6)________

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