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Thời gian làm bài: 45 phút

I. Circle the correct answer A, B, C or D to complete each of the following sentences. (3 pts)

1. There is an/a ______. Please send an ambulance to Thang Long school.
A. elevation           B. emergency               C. first-aid             D. wound

2. Nam wrote the note on the board in order to ______ his classmates about the change in schedule.
A. inform                B. informs              C. informing                 D. informed

3. My brother _______his homework at seven o'clock last night.
A. does               B. did               C. has done                 D. was doing

4. What's the problem ______ the computer?
A. at             B. in             C. on             D. with

5. An English speaking contest ______ at Quang Trung school next week.
A. is held             B. was held             C. will be held              D. has been held

6. Phong enjoys ______ flowers.
A. plant             B. to plant              C. planting              D. planted

7. People usually use compost to ______ their fields.
A. fertilize              B. melt             C. recycle             D. reduce

8. Would you mind ______ the door?
A. open                 B. to open               C. opening              D. opened

9. London will be very ______ with the low temperature of minus three and high of seven.
A. cold             B. cool            C. hot              D. warm

10. - I like playing soccer. - ______.
A. So do I            B. So am I             C. Neither do I             D. Neither am I

11. I think playing in the rain is_______.
A. danger             B. endanger              C. dangerous               D. dangerously

12. Phong Nha Cave now is a famous tourist_______.
A. attract                  B. attractive             C. attraction              D. attractively

II. Read the passage and fill in the gap with a word from the box. (2 pts)

competitions               festival                 participated                  traditional
river             rice-cooking               separate               rub


The rice-cooking (1)_________ was held in the communal house yard about one kilometer a way from a (2)__________. There were three (3)_________: waterfetching, fire-making and (4)__________. The festival took one day. In the water-fetching contest one person from each team had to run to the river to get the water. In the fire-making contest two team members had to make fire in the (5)__________way. They tried to (6) ____________ pieces of bamboo together to make the fire.
Six people from each team (7)___________in the rice-cooking festival. They had to (8)___________ the rice from the husk and then cook the rice.

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