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(Đề thi chính thức)
NĂM HỌC 2011 – 2012

Khóa ngày: 17 / 11 / 2011
Môn thi: TIẾNG ANH           Cấp: THPT
Thời gian làm bài: 180 phút
(Không kể thời gian phát đề)

I. LEXICO- GRAMMAR (6/20 points)

Part 1: Choose the word or phrase which best completes each sentence:

1. What Father said was brief and _____.
A. to the point              B. on the point             C. up to a point              D. in point

2. The illness spread _____ all our attempts at keeping it in check.
A. regardless               B. despite              C. contrary               D. against

3. Do you think I have any chance of ge tting _____ my driving test?
A. over            B. through            C. off              D. with

4. Freda: Do you know our city at all?
Barry: No, it’s the first time I _____ here.
A. have been              B. was            C. had been            D. am coming

5. One of the engineers who _____ over there _____ my uncle.
A. is standing / is              B. are standing / is               C. are standing / was              D. is standing / was

6. He wants a job in _____ he can apply his foreign languages.
A. where              B. that              C. which              D. what

7. Because of the poor harvest, wheat price have _____ in the last six months.
A. grown up               B. jumped up              C. gone up             D. sprung up

8. Sarah: What’s your brother doing now? Has he got _____ good job?
Laura: Yes, he’s _____ soldier. He’s in _____ army.
A. a / a / the             B. the / a / the             C. a / the / the            D. the / a / a

9. I have lived near the railway for so long now that I’ve grown _____ to the noise of the trains.
A. familiar                B. accustomed              C. unconscious            D. aware

10. _____ of our class, I would like to wish you a Happy Teacher’s Day.
A. Instead              B. In place              C. On tài khoản             D. On behalf

11. The civil servant _____ his post because he disagreed with the Minister .
A. gave in             B. gave out            C. gave off             D. gave up

12. My brother is a parachute _____.
A. trainer             B. teacher            C. educator           D. instructor

13. This time tomorrow _____ by my swimming pool.
A. I’m relaxing             B. I’ll be relaxing            C. I relax             D. I’m relaxed

14. You thought I did wrong but the results _____ my action.
A. agree             B. justify           C. prove           D. approve

15. INVITATION CARD: We would like to request the pleasure of your _____.
A. acquaintance                B. participation             C. arrival               D. company

16. ANNOUNCEMENT: Passengers for Rome should _____ to Terminal 3 for boarding.
A. approach                B. contact             C. proceed             D. reach

17. Don’t come to the station to see me _____ . Let’s say goodbye here.
A. for            B. out            C. off          D. in

18. Bob spent fifteen months alone on his yacht. Ann, _____ , took care of the children on her own.
A. meanwhile           B. nevertheless          C. otherwise            D. furthermore

19. On arrival _____ the broadcast station, they were taken to an interview room.
A. at             B. in            C. to            D. from

20. She wasn’t paying attention and crashed ______ a parked car.
A. with            B. down            C. over             D. into

Part 2: The passage below contains 10 mistakes. Identify the mistakes and write their correct forms. (0) has been done as an example. 

(0). marvel          -->          marvelous

Part 3: Write the correct FORM of each bracketed word to fit each space. (0) has been done as an example.

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